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GSM module Battery OBD interface Accelerometer GPS GLONASS SIM Vibroacoustic
GSM module Battery OBD interface Accelerometer GPS GLONASS SIM
The DRIVE JOURNAL is an innovative technology, developed in order to make the ownership of a car simple, safe and efficient with the help of your smart phone
The DRIVE JOURNAL device will assess your driving quality – how, where and how long you drive, will measure efficiency of time used during your trips and advise how you can save on fuel
This device has everything needed for collection, storage and assessment of data about your car’s movement as well as about the work of it’s every single system and part
Smart driving with DRIVE JOURNAL is very simple - you just plug it into your car’s diagnostic socket get a lot of useful information about your car as well as up to 50% discount on your insurance policy
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These features of the Drive Journalwill help to use your car more efficiently

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your car’s history

Learn more about how your car is being used and get driving quality rate with the help of DRIVE JOURNAL


DRIVE JOURNAL analyses factors which impact fuel consumption and calculate efficiency rate. Thus you can save up to RUR 15000 annually on fuel. In addition the device assess how efficiently you use your time during the trips

Online control

DRIVE JOURNAL can locate your car’s poison on a parking lot and to identify problems. The unlimited number of cars can be monitored by the system.

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  • Assessment of driver’s behavior
  • Trips record
  • Details of the trip
  • Efficiency rate, driving quality, time efficiency rate
  • Transcript of events influencing driving quality
  • Fuel saving result
  • Fuel saving recourses
  • Time efficiency for certain period
  • Intentional and non-intentional disconnection of device
  • Car moving with turned off ignition
  • Accident info during the ride or parking
  • Car positioning
  • Positioning of other cars in the system

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